Uganda – Roadworthiness Inspection (RWI)

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Uganda – Roadworthiness Inspection (RWI)

Roadworthiness Inspection (RWI) in compliance with Ugandan Standards US 845 by Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS)

ATJ conducts Roadworthiness Inspections (RWI) for Uganda in Japan, U.A.E., United Kingdom, Singapore, and South Africa in compliance with the Uganda Standards US 845.

There are conformity assessment procedures shall be used to verify that all used motor vehicles (including motorbikes, cars, vans, buses and trucks of all sizes) exported to Uganda are in compliance with US 845:2017 before shipment from the supply country.

ATJ adheres to the following critical item in the standard.

・A motor vehicle which is 15 years old from the date of manufacture shall not be imported

The inspection criteria includes;

Visual examinationVisual inspection

  • a.Visual inspection
  • b.Engine check
  • c.Braking systems and components check
  • d.Steering wheel check
  • e.Suspension and underside check
  • f.Exhaust system check
  • g.Doors check
  • h.Interior check
  • i.Wheel hubs/stub axles/tires check
  • j.Instrumentation check
  • k.Electrical wiring and equipment check
  • l.Lightning system check
  • m.Obligatory reflectors check
  • n.Mirrors and wipers check
  • o.Windscreen glass check
  • p.Accessory check

Mechanical inspectionMechanical inspection

  • a.Speed Meter check
  • b.Brake check
  • c.Headlight check
  • d.Side Slip check
  • e.Exhaust/Smoke check
  • f.Drive and idle test
  • g.Radioactive contamination inspection