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New Zealand – MPI Inspection

MPI (Bio-security) Inspection (in compliance with IHS Standard issued by MPIBNZ)

MPI=Biosecurity Vehicle Inspections

Some countries (e.g. New Zealand, Australia, Canada) consider used motor vehicles as bio-security and quarantine risks. This is because used vehicles could potentially become a carrier of insurgents such as insects, pests or items that could be harmful to a country’s farming or agriculture sector.

Accordingly, stringent measures have been imposed by these importing countries to ensure that all external contamination and risk material are removed from the vehicles at the port of origin in compliance with a country’s import health regulatory requirements.

ATJ, as an appointed authority of MPI, recently had its systems of equivalence approved allowing it to provide “cleaned” vehicles for export without the supervision of MPI inspectors. ATJ was the first to receive such an achievement demonstrating its depth in its commitment to protecting its processes and values.