Introduction to Autoterminal Japan

Autoterminal Japan

When exporting used vehicles overseas, it is necessary to undergo inspections by inspection agencies accredited by each country’s government.

Autoterminal Japan (ATJ) is an inspection organization certified by each country’s government, and is ISO17020 certified.
In order to provide high-quality vehicles that have been inspected, we carry out inspections that meet the needs of our customers.

Why choose

ATJ is the oldest independent Inspection organization.

Founded in 1997 and ISO 17020 certified in 2009, we are an independent inspection company that is a leading player in the industry. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, we are consistently chosen by many as their preferred inspection provider.

Why choose

ATJ is the most designated certified inspection organization.

ATJ is a certified inspection provider recognized by New Zealand, Australia, Jamaica, Kenya, and Zambia. While various inspections such as quarantine, structural, roadworthiness, and mileage checks are required, ATJ stands as the sole certified inspection entity capable of accommodating inspections from all countries.

Why choose

ATJ is a global inspection organization with the most extensive overseas network.

ATJ’s global network extends beyond Japan, encompassing the United Kingdom, the U.A.E., Singapore, Thailand, South Africa, Zambia, and the United States. With ATJ, your choice opens up not only opportunities in Japan but also a unique global inspection provider that supports inspections of vehicles exported from overseas.


Under ISO 17020 accreditation, ATJ conducts inspections to ensure high-quality vehicles that have been inspected by us are provided in response to your requirements.

ISO Inspection Body

ISO Inspection Body[International Organization for Standardization certified inspection]ISO Inspection Body

  • ・Vehicle Appraisal Inspection(VA)
  • ・Vehicle Structural Inspection(SI)
  • ・Quarantine Inspection(QI)
  • ・Odometer Inspection(OI)
  • ・Roadworthiness inspections(RWI)
  • ・Radiation inspections(RI)
  • ・Export Certificate Authentication
  • ・Heat Treatment(HT)


Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment[vehicle biosecurity]Heat Treatment

  • ・Heat Treatment Service
  • ・MPI NZ Heat Treatment
  • ・DAFF Heat Treatment – Australia
  • ・FIJI Biosecurity


Value Added Services

Value Added Services[Radiation check,Terminal Receiving Inspection,Vehicle compliance service]Value Added Services

  • ・Radiation Check
  • ・Terminal Receiving Inspection
  • ・Vehicle Compliance Services