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Accredited Inspections

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New Zealand – NZTA Inspection


NZTA Border Inspection (in compliance with the NZTA Border Inspection System)

Border Inspection is an inspection that is regulated by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) and must be conducted at the border, which means prior to or upon arrival of the vehicle at the port of New Zealand.

This inspection will serve as a guide to NZTA regulatory inspection body since it provides them information of the vehicle and if there are any damages within the vehicle that need to undergo certification repairs prior to passing the NZ Vehicle compliance roadworthy inspection at New Zealand.

ATJ has been an approved border inspection company offshore (country Japan). The border inspection is conducted by ATJ prior to arrival to New Zealand, and ensures that all required information of the vehicle is being transmitted to New Zealand Transport Agency prior to the arrival at NZ ports.

The border inspection would make exporters and importers make their lives easy and get their vehicle directly to compliance centers faster ensured with quality border inspection done by ATJ.